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For NSW Department of Education School Library support see the Departmental website
This wiki is a companion to the NSWTL listserv

NSWTL was established so that information could be shared across a state-wide network, similar to our local district library meetings. This list is confined to Teacher Librarians and Library Clerical (SAO) staff working within NSW DoE schools across the state. This has been done to keep down the volume of messages, and ensure that the majority of messages will be relevant to most listserv subscribers. We recognise that other excellent listservs exist to cater to the more general issues that face our profession. NSWTL deals with specific issues within the NSW DoE. It is not uncommon for DoE library staff in any school to feel isolated and unable to share concerns with colleagues on a daily basis. Although other staff members can sympathise with the challenges facing todays library staff, it often takes someone else in exactly the same position to fully understand them.

2018 Casual T/L and Library support staff

The new 2018 Casual T/L and Library support staff availability list in a google docs format has now replaced the previous wikispaces list which has been deleted. All entries entered on the new google format in 2017 have also been deleted and will need to be re-entered.

To indicate your availability as a casual Teacher Librarian or library support staff you will need to enter your information at http://tinyurl.com/h3zbqfy. Should you need, at a later date, to change your details you just need to do a new form and answer yes to the question if this form replaces a current year entry.
Your information should be limited to 3 lines each for experience and qualifications. The longer your entry the harder it will be for users to read, especially on small mobile screens.

To search for a casual please go to the spreadsheet at http://tinyurl.com/jnrbzbu.
While the responses cannot be divided into states the spreadsheet is searchable (instructions on first page of spreadsheet).

It would be of benefit if these urls could be passed on to any schools with which you have contact. Any enquiries email