The DEC has declared the trial a success School Based Management Pilot Review but it is worth remembering that this trial had Federal Government Funding. Any implementation of local management across the state will not have that support. It is imperative that teacher librarians bring to the government's attention the value brought to schools by qualified teacher librarians in the current consultation process Local schools, local decisions

The DET's experiment with "flexible staffing" has already had the forseeable effect of a school "cashing out" a teacher librarian position and choosing to use an unqualified teacher and a SAO to cover the library. The principal of Loftus Public School has chosen to axe the teacher librarian position leaving the library in the charge of a SAO and the teaching to an untrained (cheaper) teacher. The NSW Teachers Federation has written to the DET in opposition to the attack on specialist positions exposed in the staffing trial already and called on members to support schools taking industrial action on this issue such as Kyogle High School. More detail on Education Online.

Read more at The Hub Even the Sunday Telegraph has noticed this story. One wonders how schools which want to perform well on NAPLAN tests can justify the axing of a position which research shows can improve test score results when filled by qualified staff.
If you are concerned about the ramification of this trial, write a letter to:

If you need some ideas here are some letters which have already been sent on this issue.
Georgia Phillips has written this letter: http://nswtlnet.wikispaces.com/file/detail/NSWPilotletter.doc
and this one is from Liza Moss http://nswtlnet.wikispaces.com/file/detail/Letter+to+The+Minister+for+Education+and+Training+from+E.+Moss.doc
The former Loftus Public School TL wrote this http://nswtlnet.wikispaces.com/file/detail/So+why+take+the+teacher+out+of+librarian.doc